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Exhibition Sections

The 11th Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market events are held in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Exhibition area is 15000 m2 and is divided as follows:

The Exhibition
It can be found in halls one, two and three and is held from 1​ to 4 April​, between 10 am and 7 pm. They are allocated to exhibitors and divided into 11 sections as follows:

This section includes pavilions for private museums, handicrafts, and companies specialized in restoring urban heritage. This area exhibits the civilization and heritage of the Kingdom throughout the ages, and attracts history lovers and people who love to discover the customs and traditions of other cultures. It displays rare handicrafts, in addition to opening the doors to investors to provide services to museums and archeological site visitors.

It hosts owners of tourist farms, protected areas, and ecotourism sites which is considered one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in the world. It attracts nature lovers and people who seek to enjoy the tranquility of nature and the beauty of the countryside. It provides investors with an opportunity to exploit farms and protected areas in attracting tourists and offering services that enable them to spend time enjoying their favorite type of tourism. 

Medical and Wellness Tourism
This section includes hospitals, local and international medical centers, and wellness centers, which aim to serve a broad range of tourists seeking relaxation and wellness whether through hot springs or hot sand, or taking advantage of the excellent medical services available only in the Kingdom, owing to the development and progress of its health and medical sector. This area is particularly attractive to many international experts, which in turn opens the doors to investors to this promising sector.


Sport and Adventure 
It hosts paragliding clubs and centers offering activities such as diving, mountaineering, motorsports, horse and camel riding. Such centers also provide their services to amateurs and professionals including venues to practice, sports equipment and gears, courses and training advice. This sector attracts people who are searching for a certain type of adventure and risk and is one of the most profitable tourist areas in recent years, given the geographic and environmental resources which have the capacity to hold many sporting competitions. Such events attract tourists and young people in particular, the largest category in Saudi Arabia according to official statistics.

Activities and Events
This section includes companies that organize events and festivals as well as commercial markets, amusement parks,  public parks and gardens, which attract a large number of people, especially youngsters. The tourist events and activities sector is witnessing a significant growth in the Kingdom as a result of the initiatives and programs that the Saudi Commission for Tourism provide to promote this promising sector, along with the existence of many potentials that help with its success inside the Kingdom. 

Tourism Accommodation
It hosts companies offering tourist accommodation services and tourism operators including hotels, hotel apartments, tourist resorts, camps, furnished apartments, and companies offering accommodation supplies. Such companies are considered a cornerstone of the tourism industry - one of the largest and most attractive sectors for investors in the upcoming period. And they are expected to prosper with the increase in the number of tourists visiting the Kingdom, which attracts 33% of total tourist numbers in the Middle East. 

This area hosts tourist service companies including trip organizers, airports, car rental agencies, and taxi companies, on which the tourism sector relies heavily to provide services to tourists under the growing tourist traffic in the world in general and in the Kingdom in particular, and the growing need to provide these services to contain the increase in tourist traffic and its huge profits.  

Technology Companies
This section hosts companies specialized in services related to tourist websites and electronic app development, companies offering hotels, flights and various tourist trips, and other companies which are considered a main pillar for countries and tourism companies in promoting tourist products and services and in attracting the largest number of tourists, since the revenues of some of these companies exceeded $3 billion over the past few years with the growing reliance of tourists on these companies to choose and book their tourist destinations. 

Central Section
It includes the pavilions of tourism development councils in the Kingdom.

Support and Development
This section includes companies that offer training and recruitment services, and financing entities that seek to provide training, qualification and recruitment services to people working in the tourism sector- whether in hotels, restaurants, or in companies offering tourist guides - to produce skilled and qualified staff. Such a service is highly sought after in order to accomplish goals and achieve success in the tourism market.

The Conference