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Hosting Program
​We are glad to invite you to participate in the hosting program targeting prominent figures, media persons, people involved with the tourism investment industry inside the Kingdom, and decision-makers and senior officials in the field of travel and tourism. The program enables investors and those concerned for visiting the most important event in the tourism industry in the Kingdom, learn about the latest experiences, and be introduced to the important tourist facilities operating different tourist activities. Visitors can also attend the Scientific Conference on the sidelines of the Forum, which presents specialized lectures by international speakers, local prominent figures, and experts in the tourism industry to discuss the important issues related to tourism investment inside the Kingdom.

Targeted Categories within the Hosting Program

  • Top figures, businessmen, and local and international investors in the tourism industry.
  • Media persons and editors-in-chiefs of local and international newspapers.
  • Decision-makers and senior officials in the travel and tourism industry.

What the Hosting Program Offers:
  • Facilities concerning the Kingdom's visit for foreign participants in the program.
  • Hospitality services (tickets, residence and transportation)
  • Introducing prominent investment opportunities in the Kingdom.
  • Introducing aspects of support provided to tourism investment in the Kingdom.
  • ​Providing the opportunity of visiting the Exhibition and attending the Conference.
  • A dedicated tourist program through one of the accredited organizers in the Commission, to be acquainted with the significant tourist landmarks in Riyadh during your stay.

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