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Exhibition Visitors

Get an opportunity to meet and work with the tourism decision-makers from governmental bodies and the private sector and gain added benefits and knowledge through Travel and Tourism Investment Market. STTIM is considered the most significant forum for tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a special opportunity to discuss the most important issues in national tourism development. Conferences and workshops will discuss the Kingdom's tourist elements, and the obstacles and how to overcome them, as it is a platform for people and investors to share their views and constructive ideas to achieve progress in tourism industry.​

Don't miss the opportunity of attending the most important event in Saudi Tourism Industry, the Travel Market, to get the chance to attend many business sessions, and visit more than 300 exhibitors from specialized entities.


Why to visit it?

•    It offers a chance to meet experts in the tourism industry, domestically and internationally.
•    To learn about current and future tourism projects in the Kingdom's regions, as well as, introduction to tourism programs and special offers that participating bodies provide.
•    To build relations with tourism service providers and tourism company officials, and to discover what is new in the world of travel and tourism. To learn how to overcome the main problems of the industry by attending training workshops.
•    To get acquainted with and gain from the available investment opportunities in the industry.

Those Participating:
Government and Semi-government representatives:
Heads and members of  the Tourism Development Councils in the Saudi regions; decision-makers in government departments concerned with tourism development inside the Kingdom; officials from the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage and branch managers in the Commission.

Funds, Finance Companies and Banks:
Investment funds officials and employees; bank officials and employees; investment, financing and installment company officials and employees.

Accommodation Sector:
Officials, managers and employees of the Kingdom's hotels; heads of hotel management companies; owners of hotel apartments and furnished apartments; owners and officials of tourist resorts and recreational cities.

Travel and Trip Organizations:
Officials, managers and employees of national and international airlines; officials, managers and employees of travel and tourism agencies; officials and employees of trip organizing agencies; officials and employees of travel sector services.

Supply Companies and Companies related to Tourism Industry:
Officials and employees of development companies and contracting companies; officials of tech and equipment companies; officials of furnishing, decoration and hotel facilities’ companies; convention and exhibition organizers; event organizers; media representatives; marketing companies and advertising agencies; maintenance companies and industrial and security service companies.

For Nationals and Residents:
Find out more about the new and different tourist destinations and attractions; get acquainted with current and future tourism projects in the Kingdom's regions; learn about tourist programs and special offers from participating groups; meet with experts and officials of tourism in the Kingdom's regions and enjoy the varied events.

Media Participation:
The event enjoys media coverage and advertisements in different media outlets such as visual, audio and online, owing to the deeply-rooted relationships with various media outlets in the Kingdom. Other participating outlets include specialized newspapers and magazines, in addition to a number of public opinion writers who attend.

To ensure visitors to get the maximum benefit out of the event, we have prepared the following information: