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About the Forum
Saudi Tourism Travel and Investment Market (STTIM)

The Saudi Tourism Travel and Investment Market (STTIM) is one of the leading tourism projects approved by the National Tourism Strategy and implemented by the Saudi Commission for tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).

The Ninth Session
The forum has witnessed great success in the previous eight sessions between 2008-2015, during which it met with resounding success through continued development and increased number of participants, target groups and visitors.

The Ninth session will be held in the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre (RICEC), under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Governor of Riyadh Province, between 18 - 23 Jumada II 1437H / March 27 to April 1, 2016.

Importance of the Forum
STTIM is the most important annual event in the national tourism industry. It is a multi-activities event for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumers, the public (B2C). Local tourism partners from public and private sectors will meet to discuss various tourism aspects and make recommendations contributing to the development of domestic tourism. They will explore ways to increase their competitiveness in the face of other international destinations.

The Forum also contributes to bring together local and international companies specialized in providing services, products and investments in tourist projects, local investors and officials of local destinations and others that contribute to the development of domestic tourism.

It will also include an interactive sessions, seminars and host educational workshops to discuss the latest challenges and initiatives that affect the industry and tourism destinations.

The Forum is a unique opportunity giving exhibitors a direct and quick access to decision-makers in the Saudi tourism sector. It will strengthen partnerships with a large number of ministries, departments and public and private commissions, as well as tourist development councils in the regions.

It also clears the way for all the tourism companies including, tourism sites and products development companies, hotels companies, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of tourism industry needs in general, such as design firms, luxury hotels, restaurants, and cafes to take advantage of the opportunities offered by increasing tourism traffic in the Kingdom.
Participate and connect with tourism partners. Take the best opportunities for successful investment and business development for tourism in the Kingdom. Meet new people and develop commercial and tourism relationships, all under one roof featuring specialized sections providing participants with quick and easy access.

The Nature and Objectives of the Forum:
Given the importance of the Forum and its role in the development of national tourism, the Forum aims at multiple categories, and is distinguished from other forums as follows:

  • The Forum is the most important annual event for the national tourism industry to provide products and investment opportunities for businessmen.
  • The most important annual event that brings together partners in the local tourism, of government and private sector, to discuss the different areas of interest of the industry, and make recommendations contributing to the development of local tourism and increasing their competitiveness to international destinations.
  • The Forum primarily aims at most of the Saudi tourism industry sectors, provincial tourism development councils in particular, accommodation, entertainment, conferences, business meetings, airlines, transportation, technology, investments, tour operators, and entertainment related industries, such as equipment suppliers, communication and information technology, suppliers, resorts developers, investment and financial entities, international hotels companies, project financing, consulting and others. The majority of these targeted entities participated in the Forum’s sessions.
  • The Forum contains subsidiary events such as: Saudi Excellence for Tourism Awards, associated tours and programs, and hosting program for GCC countries’ businessmen working in the tourism industry.
  • The forum combines between local and international companies specialized in tourism services, products and investments in tourism projects, local investors and officials of local tourism destinations and others, which contributes to the all round development of local tourism.
  • The forum aims to increase the volume of investments in tourism projects, and to support and stimulate tourism investment.
  • The forum helps in identifying problems that may obstruct tourism investment climate and resolve them through partners and stakeholders.
  • Promote positive mental image about the travel and tourism industry as a productive sector within the system of national economic sectors.
  • Enhance a distinctive identity for Saudi tourism and show the high professional capacity to host such events and other important events and activities.
  • Increase public awareness of Saudi tourism products and services, and increase local tourism activity.